Welcome to Heart in Focus

Are you struggling to pay all of your bills? Do you sometimes wish you would have more in the savings account? Are creditors “knocking at your door”? Are you and your spouse in sync with finances? Do you feel a need for changing your priorities? Do you often wonder what God really does think about you and your money? It seems as though we always have questions revolving around money! Whether you are struggling with debt, challenged by priorities, or extremely blessed and wanting God’s guidance, the Heart in Focus course has something for you. It is not merely about finances. It goes even deeper. It addresses the inner struggles of the heart, our identity, and how we view life’s purpose.

What is Heart in Focus?

Heart in Focus is a personal financial course that helps God’s people aim their treasures toward their Christ-centered mission in life. It is a step-by-step process that guides people in the basics of wise finances for daily living. The topics addressed are income, giving, saving, spending, borrowing and leaving a legacy. It is a practical tool on how best to handle money. Participants study how money impacts their daily lives and are given practical skills, resources and tools to:
  • Reflect upon one’s identify and purpose in life
  • Understand financial decisions are also spiritual decisions
  • Prioritize financial goals
  • Develop a personalized spending plan
  • Identify actions steps to reduce expenses and debt, if applicable
  • Create a solid savings plan for the future

How is it implemented?

Heart in Focus may be utilized by church leaders in implementing a gospel based, biblically oriented study of money. Local leader(s) are trained to teach the course. It may be offered two to three times during the year to congregation members and as an outreach tool to the community. Or, it may also be utilized by the pastor as part of the Bible study curriculum. The goal is to create a specific financial ministry for the local church using Heart in Focus as a core component in stewardship training. It is designed for:
  • College graduates
  • Newlyweds
  • Couples who struggle with debt
  • Singles
  • Seasoned Christians seeking affirmation
  • Anyone desiring a financial check-up

What is the best teaching schedule?

The 6 sessions of Heart in Focus take about 8 – 9 hours to teach. Possible teaching options, in order of preference, are:
  • Once a week for 6 weeks with 75 – 90 minute sessions
  • Once a week for 8 weeks with 60 minute sessions (splitting sessions 2 and 4 into two parts)
  • 4 Saturday mornings with 2 – 2 ½ sessions each
  • 2 afternoons with 4 – 4 ½ hours each
  • A Friday evening through Saturday later afternoon
Each of the above options may be expanded by including more discussion time as well as “homework” time. One of the exciting out growths of teaching Heart in Focus is observing husbands and wives sitting down and making financial plans together.